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Duggy: As I've mentioned earlier one of the customs of bride and groom do on the weddings is to go around the tables to thanks the guests for coming to their wedding, and actually 25 tables here at this particular 婚礼 or wedding and has a lot of tables. So what do the groom and bride do? Well they actually have some 白酒or they have some tea and the common language which is heard at that time is normally 恭喜你 and 干杯.

恭喜你们!恭喜 congratulations, 你们 you, 恭喜你们!  Congratulations to you!

干杯!干 to drink a toast, 杯cup, 干杯!Cheers!

Duggy: It's time to be one of the guests at the wedding. 
Duggy: 你好,我是Duggy, 你叫什么名字?
Carol: 我叫Carol。
Duggy: 你是新郎的朋友还是亲戚?
Carol: 我是他的朋友。 
Duggy: 你从哪里来?
Carol: 我是北京人。
Duggy: 你去过很多的婚礼吗?
Carol: 去过一些。
Duggy: 几个? 
Carol: 大概有十多个吧。
Duggy: OK, 现在你要不要吃饭?
Carol: 好的。

GRAPHIC FLASH: 你是新郎的朋友还是亲戚?你 you, 是be, 新郎 groom, 朋友friend, 还是or, 亲戚relative, 你是新郎的朋友还是亲戚? Are you the groom's friend or relative?


你很喜欢喝酒吗?Do you like drinking alcohol very much?

你真的很漂亮!You're really beautiful.

恭喜你们!Congratulations to you!


你是新郎的朋友还是亲戚?Are you the groom's friend or relative?

Duggy: I'm having a great time here at Nick & Na's wedding. And I've already drunk some 白酒 with my friends, I'd like to continue this celebration. So until the next time as you can see here in China, 再见! See you next time for Living Chinese, I'm Duggy Day.

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