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  • Chinese 101: How to say “Happy birthday” in Chinese

  • Grammar: 从 as "from" (Time or Event)

  • Language Tips:Understanding“大人”and “小人”in Chinese culture

  • Song: 王力宏《大城小爱》Big city, small love by Leehom Wong



Zhù nǐ shí bā suì shēng rì kuài lè !

Happy 18th birthday to you!


Xiè xiè !cóng jīn tiān qǐ ,wǒ jiù shì gè dà rén le 。

Thanks ! From today, I’m an adult now.

Words & Expressions:

【祝】zhù:wish, congratulate

【岁】suì: age

【生日】shēng rì: birthday

【快乐】kuài lè: happy

【今天】jīn tiān: today

【大人】dà rén: adult

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