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Y: We're discussing pets this week on Chinese Studio; da jia hao, Wo shi Y.
B: wo shi B, ni hao Y. It's time to learn more about our best friends.
Y: First off, key words of the day….


Key words of the day:
Dachshund 腊肠犬, Chihuahua 吉娃娃, Dalmatian 斑点狗, How much is that puppy? 那只小狗多少钱? It's time for a walk 该去遛狗了。What does he eat? 他吃什么? All in today's Chinese Studio.


B: Dogs are mankind's best friends and I'm very tempted to but a puppy. How about the cute one over there? Y, how do I ask, how much is that puppy?
Y: You may say : 那只小狗多少钱?
B: nei4 zhi1 xiao2 gou3 duo1 shao qian2?
Y: 那只 nei4 zhi1 means that one,
B: nei4 zhi1,
Y: 小狗 xiao2 gou3 means puppy,
B: xiao2 gou3,
Y: 多少钱 duo1 shao qian2, how much,
B: duo1 shao3 qian2
Y: 那只小狗多少钱?
B: nei4 zhi1 xiao2 gou3 duo1 shao3 qian2? How much is that puppy?

Conversation 1:

A: 那只小狗多少钱?
B: 200 块。

Y: So B, what kind is that cute puppy you want to buy?
B: oh, it's a dachshund. I'm wondering if there is a Chinese name for that.
Y: Sure. it's called 腊肠犬, literally means sausage dog.
B: Interesting… I guess it's because the dachshund shapes like a sausage, right?
Y: I guess that's the reason… Let's take a look the new words: 腊肠 la4 chang2 means sausage,
B: la4 chang2
Y: 犬 quan3 means canine,
B: quan3,
Y: 腊肠犬 la4 chang2 quan3,
B: la4 chang2 quan3, dachshund.
Y: Look at another cute puppy--- that's a Chihuahua, in Chinese we call it 吉娃娃 ji2 wa2 wa.
B: ji2 wa2 wa…. It's easy because the pronunciation is similar in English and in Chinese.
Y: Right. and 娃娃 wa2 wa is Chinese means baby,
B: wa2 wa, and Chihuahua does look like a cute baby.
Y: Yeah, doesn't it… 吉娃娃 ji2 wa2 wa, Chihuahua,
B: ji2 wa wa.

Conversation 2:

B: 腊肠犬。你喜欢吗?

B: Now I've got a new puppy. His name is Fido. He's hanging out for a walk. How do I tell him, it's time for a walk?
Y: Being a clever dog, he'll understand Chinese, so you can say, 该去遛狗了 gai1 qu4 liu4 gou3 le.
B: gai1 qu4 liu4 gou3 le.
Y: 该 gai1 means it's time to do something,
B: gai1,
Y: 去 qu4 means go outside,
B: qu4,
Y: 遛狗 liu4 gou3 means to walk a dog,
B: liu4 gou3,
Y: 该去遛狗了 gai1 qu4 liu4 gou3 le.
B: gai1 qu4 liu4 gou3 le. It's time to walk a dog.

Conversation 3:

A: 时间到了,该去遛狗了。
B: 我能一起去吗 ?
A: 当然了,走吧。

B: Actually I also like big dogs, like Dalmatians. Y, is there any Chinese for Dalmatian?
Y: Sure there is. We usually call it 斑点狗。
B: ban1 dian2 gou3.
Y: 斑点 ban1 dian3 means spotty,
B: ban1 dian3. yes, his black and white skin looks pretty spotty,
Y: and 狗 gou3 means dog,
B: gou3,
Y: 斑点狗 ban1 dian2 gou3
B: ban1 dian2 gou3 Dalmatian. Now dogs are always hungry, especially ones that are still growing, what does my puppy eat?
Y: if you want to ask me this question in Chinese, it's 它吃什么 ta1 chi1 shen2me,
B: ta1 chi1 shen2me
Y: Bu cuo, 它 Ta1 means your puppy,
B: ta1,
Y: 吃 chi1 means eat,
B: chi1
Y: 什么 shen2me means what kind of food,
B: shen2me,
Y: 它吃什么 ta1 chi1 shen2me. What does your puppy eat?
B: ta1 chi1 shen2me?
Y: Since he's still a puppy, 小狗 xiao2 gou3, I think he likes drinking milk,
B: that's a good idea. What's the Chinese for milk?
Y: it's 牛奶 niu2 nai3,
B: niu2 nai3, milk.

Conversation 4:

A: 你养得是什么品种?
B: 吉娃娃。
A: 它吃什么?
B: 它现在只能喝牛奶。


Key words reminder

Dachshund 腊肠犬,Chihuahua 吉娃娃, Dalmatian 斑点狗, How much is that puppy? 那只小狗多少钱? It's time for a walk 该去遛狗了。What does he eat? 他吃什么?All in today's Chinese Studio.


B: How, who let the dogs out? Betta go and put Fido on a lead. Y, what's our question of the day?
Y: Remind us how to say, "It's time for a walk".

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