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 第十五课 逛上海世博会 Lesson Fifteen: Visiting the Shanghai Expo

CRI reporter: Dominic Swire

(In the Shanghai Expo Garden)

Dominic: Hello and welcome to Living Chinese. Today we’re coming to the 2010 Shanghai Expo, a showcase of culture and urban design from across the world.

Dominic: The Shanghai Expo marks the first time the event has taken place in a developing country. The theme of this Expo is “Better City - Better Life”.

Dominic: The problem with visiting exhibitions so big is selecting exactly what you want to see. The Shanghai Expo opens for six months, but I think we don’t have to take that time to see everything. Luckily, Zheng Zhi is here to help.

Dominic: 郑治,你觉得哪些场馆最值得去看?
Zheng Zhi: 我认为最有特色的场馆是中国馆、日本馆还有沙特馆。 
Dominic: 我们现在去看中国馆,怎么样?
Zheng Zhi: 好的,我们走吧。
Dominic: OK.
GRAPHIC FLASH: 你觉得哪些场馆最值得去看?觉得 second tone means think, 哪些 third tone and first tone means which, 场馆 both third tones means pavilion, 值得 second tone means worth or deserve, the whole sentence 你觉得哪些场馆最值得去看?Which pavilions do you think are worth seeing?

Dominic: 看起来今天在这里有很多人。
Zheng Zhi: Yes, the event attracts hundreds of thousands visitors every day.
Dominic: Zheng Zhi, what’s the polite way in Chinese to ask someone to move out of the way?
Zheng Zhi: You can say this way, 劳驾,请过一下。
Dominic: 劳驾,请过一下。
Zheng Zhi: Yes, correct.
GRAPHIC FLASH: 今天这里有很多人。 人 people, 很多many, 很多人 many people, 有to have, 这里here, 今天today, 今天这里有很多人。There are so many people here today.

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