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Andrea: He's explaining that in the Buddhist sense, the bug represent tolerance. So, the whole theme of the exhibition is tolerance in life.

 这个看起来很抽象,很奇怪。 这个 this one, 看起来 to seem like, 很 very, 抽象 abstract, 奇怪 strange, 这个看起来很抽象, 很奇怪。This looks abstract and strange.

Andrea: OK. Well, I think I've seen enough here. Let's go to check out some other places located in the art district and ask some other people what they think about it.

Interviewee A: It's amazing. It's so much art within such a little area and I find it's really needed here in Beijing now. You walk to different districts. You're going to one store. It's all glasses. You're going to another store. It's all computer parts. You go to another area. It's all furniture. And this is the art area. So, it's great!

Interviewee B: The difference, compared to a few years ago, I think, is becoming more touristic. A lot of people and foreigners and even a lot of Chinese visit it during the weekend. Before, there are just people in art and journalists, now it's just becoming more touristic anyway. Even though it's just a place to spend the weekends, even for the people who are not that interested in art. I think this could be a good thing.

Andrea: Wow! These are cool. I can always use another coffee mug.

Shop assistant: 你好,我能帮你做什么吗?
Andrea: 你好,这些咖啡杯都很好看,谁做的呢?
Shop assistant: 这些都是陶艺师手工做的。
Andrea: 它们价格是多少?
Shop assistant: 价格都不一样。比如说,这一个是一百一十八元,这一个是一百零八元。 
Andrea: 好吧,我就买这件吧。
Shop assistant: 好的,这个是一百零八元。
Andrea: 好的,谢谢。
Shop assistant: 不客气。

这些咖啡杯都很好看。 好看nice looking, 很very, 都 all, 咖啡杯coffee cup, 这些 these, 这些咖啡杯都很好看。These coffee cups look nice.

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